You & Kristen Bell Share This Secret Destructive Beauty Ritual

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Kristen Bell could easily win the title of America's sweetheart. She has a thriving career and a rock-solid fan base. She's a friend to the animals, and has a scandal-free personal life. She doesn't court the spotlight, and has even launched a public campaign to shield children from it. (As if we needed another reason to admire her.)
But don't get it twisted: Being an all-around good role model does not equal being boring. We had the opportunity to chat with the actress, and the only thing more hilarious than her unexpected honestly is the comedic timing with which she delivers it. In case you needed proof, you can watch her hold her own alongside Melissa McCarthy in The Boss, hitting theaters this weekend.
But before you fall into a preview-watching vortex, let us present a warm-up: Bell's cringeworthy (but totally relatable) skin habits, plus her natural beauty picks and more, below.
What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in the name of beauty?
"It’s not too weird, but I did take a mud bath in this gigantic filthy, filthy bathtub, and it felt great. Entirely claustrophobic, but also wonderful on my body."
Besides mud baths, are there any other "out there" beauty treatments you’ve always wanted to try?
"Don’t people use placenta as face cream? I don’t know if I really would want to do that, but that’s a really weird beauty thing I’ve heard of, so I guess it doesn’t really apply [laughs]. In truth, not really…I like to keep it pretty simple and natural, so I need to see a lot of data about efficacy before I try something truly strange."

I love when my husband has a pimple on his back and asks me to squeeze it. I get giddy...

Kristen Bell
What is your secret single beauty behavior?
"I can extract blackheads with the best of them, oh yeah. I am very medical about the procedure. My husband and I can do it side-by-side eight years into our marriage and feel okay about it." Please tell us: What's the secret to the procedure?
"You need to be very, very careful when you’re squeezing your skin. So let me first say that you should never squeeze your skin, but if you soften your fingers by wrapping them in tissue, you’re not really pushing as hard. Your intention [should be] to just get it out and move on — you can’t go too deep, because squeezing or extracting can [become] a tic, it’s really addicting. Like, I love when my husband has a pimple on his back and asks me to squeeze it. I get giddy. There’s so much reward in it when you get it out. I know that I shouldn’t be saying this, but there is. Part of the allure is the danger — you’re playing with fire!"
When you're not popping his pimples, what products do you share with your husband, and what do you hide from him?
"I hide everything from him…[but] he’s going to steal it no matter [what]. He steals the [Neutrogena] hydro gel. I love the gel so much, and I use it for extra-dry skin. He’s always asking me to get more of 'the blue stuff.'" [Ed. note: Bell is a spokesperson for the company.]

I have no shame in popping a little hand sanitizer in my pits.

Kristen Bell
Are you excited to do beauty treatments with your daughters one day?
"Oh yeah! My daughter is really into painting her nails. She’s a toddler and she has these things called Piggy Paint, which is a non-toxic nail polish, so she really likes to get and receive manicures. I have a feeling that if she ends up being a girly-girl, we’re going to have a lot of fun in the spa together one day."
That's so cute. Does she give you manicures?
"Yes, and when she paints, she has a particular technique where she starts at the base of your knuckle and paints all the way to the tip of your nail. It’s hilarious." Let's talk products. What's in your bag right now?
"I'm a big fan of [solid] sunscreen, so I keep the [Neutrogena] Ultra Sheer Stick in every one of my bags, because I find that they make reapplying during the day much easier, especially when you have kids…it's easy to put [a stick formula] on their face before they slap your hands away. "I really like the Jao Hand Sanitizer, which is scented with lavender. I have been using it on and off as deodorant, because I stay away from aluminum. If I need a refresher, I have no shame in popping a little hand sanitizer in my pits. "[As I go through my bag], I am realizing I have two deodorants in my purse [laughs], but since my career involves performing, I sweat a lot; nerves are a part of my day. There is a natural deodorant I use called Fat and the Moon. It’s a really small company on Etsy, but it’s wonderful. It’s a little pot of deodorant I keep with me — it's like coconut oil and baking soda, so it moisturizes and stays on, but it also soaks all the bacteria and takes away the [odor], and then there are a couple of essential oils in there, which are amazing. "Lately, I have been really into lip [color]. I love a swipe of mascara and a bright red lip. I like the MoistureSmooth Color Sticks — there is a bright red and berry [that I wear]."

Since my career involves performing, I sweat a lot; nerves are a part of my day.

Kristen Bell
What is your daily skin-care routine like?
“I use the Clarisonic brush to wash my face, which I really like. What I have loved for years, since I became an ambassador, [is] the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser. It's really good at getting off, not just my makeup, but all of the grime. It cleans my pores really well."
Last question: What’s the most valuable beauty tip you’ve learned from your glam squad?
"Up until [recently], it was taking a slanted brush and applying the mascara to the root of your eyelashes. I have really tiny eyes, and it opens them more than just using the mascara wand. But actually, just yesterday I was working and my hairstylist was saying — because I always shower at night — to part my hair on the opposite side. I wake up in the morning and flip it, which gives it the perfect amount of lift. I mean, I’ve only done it for two days, but so far it’s been really great."

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