Veronica Mars Made $2 Million Today — No, Really

Update: They did it. The tally is currently at $2,113,241 (past the goal of $2 million). We will be waiting here not-so-patiently for our 2014 screening invites.

Originally posted March 13, at 4:00 p.m.

Rob Thomas, the man behind cult-followed teen detective show Veronica Mars (although it's so much more than that, if you ask us), launched a Kickstarter today, hoping to raise $2 million in 30 days, to fund a Veronica Mars movie, featuring all of the original cast (except Amanda Seyfried, we're guessing, what with her character being long dead and all). And so far, 16,888 backers have raised $1,182,426 (at the time of publication).

That's a lot of money, you guys. This is the most ambitious Kickstarter goal in this space (movies), ever. So, let that information wash over you, and start thinking about all the cheeky quips and longing gazes that are in your future. Also, rest assured that you can watch pretty much the entire series online on TheWB.
And know this: Someone already spent $10,000 for a speaking role in the movie. But nobody's purchased naming rights for a new character at $8,000, so that one's wide open for the taking.
Warner Brothers appears to be on board, and the original cast is all signed up (and starring in the pretty cute video above — which quickly erased all memories of sloths and reminded us of how charming we find Kristen Bell to be). And like we said, they're more than halfway to goal. So...this is most likely happening, and it's enough to make us forgive Thomas for the failure that was the first season of the 90210 reboot.
And look, we know this movie will most likely be bad. But we totally do not care. Because we love that sassy detective. And really, we just want to see Veronica and Logan get together again — finally. And to see Logan take off that damn puka-shell necklace. And maybe also to see that shrunken denim vest again...although we suspect FBI agent Mars will probably have upgraded to a black suit of some kind.

Photos: Courtesy of Warner Brothers; Kickstarter (opener)

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