Would You Wear Political Period Panties?

Photo: Courtesy of CuteFruitUndies.
Period underwear, designed to be absorbent enough to replace tampons or pads, seem to be everywhere these days. Whether you've hopped on the menstrual-lingerie bandwagon yet or not, there are a couple of brands on the market that you're probably familiar with already. (Thinx, in particular, has generated quite a flurry of attention, thanks, in part, to the brand's ads being banned on NYC's transit system by the MTA.) Now, there's a brand filling a niche in the already-niche market: period-oriented skivvies that make a super-cheeky political statement. Cute Fruit Undies, a Washington state-based Etsy shop, is now peddling high-waisted period underwear, called Bloody Marys, that features the faces of politicians that are (or once were) anti-abortion rights, printed on the inside lining. The undies also feature attachable heating packs (perhaps explaining why they're so high-waisted). Each pair costs $29.99, and $3 of that goes to Planned Parenthood in the state of the politician whose face you'll be bleeding on.
There are nine lining options, including the likes of Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul. These politicians are what Cute Fruit Undies dubs "blood dumpsters." The site goes on to say that each featured face is "a U.S. politician who has tried in the past or who is currently trying to pass legislation that hinders women's reproductive rights, and in so doing has had his or her face wind up in the crotch of a pair of Bloody Mary undies, for YOU to bleed all over!"
The skivvies are available in nine colors, in sizes XS to XL; matching crop tops are sold separately. You'll have to wait four to six weeks for your own Bloody Marys to arrive, due to an "overwhelming number of orders," according to the Etsy store. Hey, it's certainly an innovative (albeit private) way to express your political leanings.

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