Get The T-Shirt Every Feminist Celebrity Is About To Be Wearing

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We're calling it now: There's about to be a huge moment for #GirlPower on Instagram.
Remember when St. Vincent wore this amazing shirt, and then everyone raced out to buy one, too? Well, we're betting this top, from Wildfang, one of our favorite female-minded brands, will be the next to go viral. According to the company, this tee has already been selling like crazy — and the demand is about to go through the roof. Next week, Wildfang will be sending its "Wild Feminist" piece out to over 70 influencers and celebrities, including Sophia Bush, Kate Mara, and Ellen Page, which means a total feminist movement might just take social media by storm.
To get ahead of the game, click through to nab one for yourself (before everyone else does). And, if the stock's already wiped clean by the time you read this, we've provided a few other empowering items ahead that are sure to be right up your alley.