The 11-Step Guide To Scoring Three Pairs Of Yeezy Shoes

Despite the fact that Kanye told the 20,000 attendees of his Madison Square Garden “fashion show” this week that he has plans to make Yeezy Boosts more accessible and cheaper, it’s still incredibly hard to cop a pair. As evidence: Tomorrow marks the second drop of the black 350s, and the only way you can score a pair (besides being as famous as Big Sean, Jay Z, or Virgil Abloh, in which case they were probably hand-delivered to you by Mrs. West), you have to get on a wait list for a chance to buy them. The success rate seems slim, to say the least, but today we found out about someone who’s already reserved three pairs for herself and her boyfriend.
Kelcie Schofield and her boyfriend, Dave, started joking about what they would have done if they had won the Powerball earlier this this month. "We were joking that we'd buy Yeezys for everyone, and it just became a thing with us. I'm indifferent toward Kanye himself, but his shoes are cool." Schofield spent around four hours signing up for raffles and giveaways, researching online, and staying on top of social media — but the payoff was huge. As of 1:20 p.m. this Thursday, she has scored three pairs of sneakers, and still has the opportunity to win four more through various raffles.
We asked her to divulge her secrets, and she came at us with an 11-step guide. Here’s her step-by-step explainer for exactly how she gamed the system:
Step 1: "I downloaded the Adidas Confirmed app and set notifications for when @adidasconfirmed tweeted." Step 2: "They tweeted that the shoes would be up at 4:05 p.m., and I was on the app that instant...but I got a forever spinning notification and eventually only got through after every pair was already sold out. I thought I had a shot at getting them on the Confirmed app because I was able to get a first round Kylie Lip Kit. But it didn't work out this time!" Step 3: "I went online to see which retailers were still doing raffles. At 4:45 p.m., I found out about the Kicks USA raffle and entered at 4:47 p.m., 13 minutes before it closed." Step 4: "I then went to Foot Locker on 34th Street in Herald Square, and then to Times Square to fill out raffle tickets. My boyfriend Dave filled out raffles for himself, as well." Step 5: "On Tuesday night, a friend tagged me in Opening Ceremony's Instagram post about their Yeezy release, and I planned to enter." Step 6: "On Wednesday, I went to Champs and Opening Ceremony with Dave." Step 7: "That night, I got a call from Champs that I had won a pair. YAY!" Step 8: "Dave’s phone died, and when he finally found a charger, it showed that he had a missed call from an unknown number." Step 9: "He called Champs back multiple times because the line was busy. When he finally got through, he found out that he ALSO won a pair!" Step 10: "An hour later, I got a call from the Herald Square Foot Locker, and won a pair from that location, as well." Step 11: "I’m selling the second pair to my friend at face value, because I’m about good vibes/karma, when it comes to Yeezy." If you haven’t made moves to claim one for yourself via raffles, Schofield recommends the following: “I would watch @eastbay and @adidasoriginals like a hawk on Friday morning. They are expected to release between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; both will only be announcing their release via Twitter with direct links. PacSun releases theirs at 8 a.m., and Champs releases theirs at 10 a.m.” If you still come up empty-handed, reference the above for next time.

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