The New Earring Trend That’s Going To Replace Minimal Studs

More than any other clothing or accessories category, jewelry trends seem to have the habit of being monolithic. Current "trends" are more like the current trend — and when things like the arm party, statement earrings, or minimal jewelry take off, they become the one and only thing people seem to be doing. We're living hard in the age of barely there rings, chains, and earrings, but if the new crop of merch in stores and on the runways is any indication, a sea change might be coming for us.
At Creatures of the Wind's fall show yesterday, the looks were much more pared-back and simplified than in seasons past. No furry bits keeping your arms from moving or long, layered skirts that made walking challenging. The whole vibe was "Don't waste my time," and everything from the pulled-back braids to the speedy loafers gave off the impression of a woman who wasn't here to dillydally — which extended to her earrings. For the most part, it was just one piece: a bold, Google-Maps-drop-pin-esque pendant necklace or a bold gold earring.
It was so easy and effortless and captivating that it felt like we could maybe table this whole minimal jewelry thing for a chance to play around with golden door knockers and miniature strongman barbells. Click through to see the jewels in question.

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