23 Of The Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Actually For Sale This Year

It takes all sorts to make the world. By that logic, it takes all sorts to make the couples in the world — and sometimes, those couples feel like they best express their love by buying things during advertiser-invented retail holidays. We're not knocking Valentine's Day; we'll take any excuse for a new little something, given and received by the people we love. But when that little something that's supposed to be representative of the affection you feel for the other person ends up sitting in the back of your hall closet, covered in dust, then maybe you're not doing it right.
Retailers use Valentine's Day as an excuse to jack up the price on anything that could potentially signify love, and paint it red and pink. And there are stressed-out people who've been duped into glossy price-tags and all that red and pink paint who think that a pair of socks and a bottle of bubble bath are just what their other halves have been needing. Let's break the cycle — the first step is to recognize what's probably just not worth it. Ahead, find the Valentine's Day gifts that don't quite say "I love you."

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