20+ Stunning Date-Night Dresses Worthy Of Valentine's Day

Dressing up for date night can be absolute mayhem, so don't even get us started on what happens once Valentine's Day rolls around. One minute you're cruising through your closet, excited for a special evening, and the next, you've blacked out, only to wake and find your room has been completely transformed — the once freshly Swiffered floors are replaced by a mountain range of discarded clothing, and yet you've made no progress on what to wear, with T-minus 30 to spare (yikes).
Let's not let that stressful scenario ever happen again. Getting ready for such a romantic evening should be mindless. To save you from one extra stress, we've rounded up 20 dresses that will not only keep you sane (and keep your place from becoming the Himalayas of clothing), but will also have you exuding some good old-fashioned confidence. Click through to find the next fool-proof, flattering dress for your upcoming V-day date.

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