Khloe Kardashian Gives Dating Advice In Twitter Q&A

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Khloe Kardashian has made a lot of waves on Twitter of late as she weathers the storm of husband Lamar Odom’s recovery while still dating boyfriend James Harden.

Her newest project, Strong Looks Better Naked, has been flying off the shelves. And today, she took to Twitter to promote her book and dole out some advice in an informal Q&A hashtagged #khloekchat.

Her advice was, true to Khloe form, wide-ranging and informal. She covered everything to growing up, succeeding at your personal journey, and also dished on her favorite quotes from the book.

You have to admire the Kardashian perpetual motion machine, which has now reached a point where the members can just talk about what it’s like being a Kardashian. Their fame hinges on the fact that they are more or less completely normal except much better looking and slightly sillier than your average family.

This seems achievable because it’s based on a version of normal family life: She and her sisters are like the best version of you and you friends. We all know we can’t sing like Adele, or dance like Nicki, but we might be able to have jokes like Khloe. That’s seductive.

Her self-deprecating sense of humor and quick wit usually belongs to the gawky sister in any family lineup but Khloe doesn't fit that by any traditional definition. Make no mistake, she’s one of the smartest members of one of the smartest clans in the world.

Bottom line: She's great. Read this Q&A.

On “the best tip to females:”

On “advice for your journey:”

On her favorite quote from Strong Looks Better Naked:

On her favorite workout:

On her workout songs:

On breakups:

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