16 Times ANTM Taught Us How NOT To Become A Model

When America's Next Top Model first aired in May 2003, it was revolutionary. Tyra Banks had already achieved international fame as one of the world’s biggest (and first) African-American supermodels — and as Lindsay Lohan's inimitable co-star in Life Size — and had officially made her foray into the television sphere. She was on our screens to bring the fashion industry to reality TV — to help young, aspiring models achieve their dreams of being "on top."
What came, after 22 seasons — or cycles, as Ty-Ty called them — was a plethora of out-of-control and, dare we say, cringeworthy moments; an endless stream of episodes fluttered with screams, tears, cat fights, relationship woes, and lots of tripping in high heels that not only entertained its audience, but showed a side of modeling that isn’t so, well, glamorous. It also taught tons of women looking to enter the fashion industry exactly what not to do to make it, like claiming you're an "undiscovered supermodel," or over-accentuating the notoriously most ridiculous runway walk in history.
It should come as no surprise then, that after over so many years, very few contestants actually went on to become successful models. Though they may not have left behind a long legacy of walked shows and editorial shoots, they did leave behind these 16 wildly crazy moments that remind us exactly what not to do to make it. As the series comes to a close, these mid-aughts memories will always live on. And for that, we are forever grateful.