These Are The Halloween Costumes We Wish We Had As Little Girls

Is it us or are the most talked-about Halloween costumes more likely to be culturally insensitive than empowering? Well, here's a refreshing palate cleanser to all the sexy-fill-in-the-blank styles: these costume ideas are progressive, and pint-sized. MAKERS, the AOL-run women's leadership and storytelling platform, is proposing a couple of female role models worth emulating for this year's round of trick-or-treating, with the hashtag #MakeHerAMAKER.
Why be Barbie when you can dress up as Billie Jean King? Or how about Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Gloria Steinem and Mae Jemison are two other options you might not have previously considered for the holiday.
"Women today have more roles available to them than ever before — doctors, lawyers, astronauts, CEOs, even presidents — but when it comes to Halloween costumes, their options are far more limited," MAKERS writes on its site.
Another inspiring suggestion from the organization: Lena Dunham, who was apparently quite flattered by being considered costume-worthy: She posted the costume on her Instagram, captioned "Thank you @makerswomen for this mind blowing Lena & Lamby costume idea #MakeHerAMaker#NotThatKindOfBaby #Honored."
"Boys have a seemingly endless choice of strong, powerful figures to choose from, while girls' costumes are limited to characters like Snow White, Cinderella, and 'Elegant Toddler Bride," according to MAKERS' site. (That last option is especially cringe-worthy.) These costume conceits are aimed at a demographic that still goes door-to-door for the holiday, but if you're not set on a clever group costume with your squad or your own brilliant solo look, might we suggest a turn as one of these female game-changers?
Check out the rest of MAKERS' awesome alternative costume ideas in the slideshow ahead, and let's hope it's the beginning of strong-women costumes not being a noteworthy choice at all.

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