When The Choker & Neck Scarf Trends Collide

Every once in awhile, a styling trick pops up on the runway that’s so obviously necessary and makes everything look so right that you feel almost crazy that everyone wasn't doing it before. For example, Prada's colorblocked, toe-less socks in 2007. Or when Alexander Wang plaited messy side braids on every model in his lineup back in 2010 — it’s a small shift in the way you think about the potential of your clothes that can eventually make a big difference. Dior’s neck situation was one of those moments for us.

Every one of the 50 models in the lineup wore a variation of a choker. There were silk scarves tied and folded around the neck, silver collars that ended with a jewel, and ribbon necklaces adorned with numbers recalling the history of Dior (1947, for instance, was the year in which Dior’s New Look was first presented; 8 references the name of the maison's first collection, En Huit) — the best was when they were worn layered on top of one another.
It’s a look that utilizes a couple items you might already own (choker necklace, a lightweight scarf), and techniques you’re already familiar with (tying both those around your neck), but done up in a specific way that somehow feels like the best combination of all. Wear them like Dior showed with slim suit set or just with a plain white tee and greatcropped jeans.

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