Comic-Con’s Female Cosplayers Taught Everyone A Lesson In Badassery

A lot went down at Comic-Con over the last several days. More than 100,000 attendees turned downtown San Diego into one giant, nerded-out party. To wit: There were surprise star-studded visits. Fans flipped out over Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool trailer. And general Star Wars hysteria took over.
But as action-packed as the lineup was inside the Convention Center, our favorite part of the event was catching sight of all the badass female cosplayers (that's slang for costume play, FYI) hanging out between panels. We hit the streets to photograph the most wow-worthy looks, and we truly struck gold with the snaps we scored. (When we say the ladies blew the men out of the water with their outrageously cool getups, we really mean it.)
Going one step further, we also chatted with the ladies about cosplay, strong female characters, and more. From Mad Max's Furiosa to the classic Cruella de Vil, ahead is the sickest cosplay you'll ever see.