This Documentary Goes Behind The Scenes Of The Plus-Size Modeling World

Thanks to outspoken advocates such as Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham, as well as online movements like #Droptheplus, today’s plus-size models have made it clear that they’re not content to sit on the sidelines. Rather than be silenced — or considered second-tier in a sample size-obsessed industry — they're speaking out on social media and in ad campaigns to make themselves known. Now they can add “movie screens” to that growing list of platforms, because a new documentary sets out to expose the truths behind the plus-size modeling business. Helmed by filmmaker Jessica Lewis, Straight/Curve confronts the obstacles that this group of models deals with regularly, from size discrimination to body issues. It tackles everything from the problems with sample size casting, whether to eliminate plus-size model boards, and the ultimate goal of making the concept of "plus-size" a non-issue in modeling altogether. Even though the plus-size market remains a potential billion-dollar business, it's one that many fashion brands still shy away from. The fact that Lewis worked as a model for 15 years (both in plus- and straight-size markets) gives her an especially unique perspective. Given the recent media attention placed upon plus-size models lately, the film couldn't have come at a better time. "This generation of models is ready to usher in a new definition of beauty — one that is all inclusive and supports positive body ideals and self-acceptance," Lewis told Glamour. “The fashion industry needs to be reflective and representative of the diversity that exists in present-day society.” Featuring interviews with models like Eva Kay, Natalie Torres, Sarah Hartshorne, and Sabina Karlsson, the film is the next informative — and inspiring — step in a continual conversation, both on and off the runway. As model Georgina Burke remarked in the trailer, "The day we don't get so excited about seeing a plus-size model in a magazine is the day we've made it."

will be released next summer. In the meantime, watch the trailer here.

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