Lane Bryant's CEO On The Shade In #I'mNoAngel

Yesterday, Lane Bryant dropped a lingerie campaign that's been, quite literally, heard about around the world. Centered on the tagline "I'm No Angel," the ads for Lane Bryant's Cacique lingerie feature five of the biggest-name plus-size models, shot naturalistically, and looking unapologetically sexy. With a hashtag campaign that invites women to post their own #imnoangel selfies and share how they redefine sexy, Lane Bryant's aim is nothing short of a revolution in how we perceive beauty — and to prove that sexy doesn't stop at a size 14.

We attended the launch of the campaign in New York yesterday (soundtracked by none other than Salt-N-Pepa, so you know it was live), and spoke with the models and Lane Bryant CEO Linda Heasley about the message behind the campaign, and whether we're right in hearing just a little bit of shade in that tagline.

Click ahead for all the pics, and check the delightfully sassy video here. A sea change in beauty standards coming at us in 5, 4, 3...

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