One Normal Woman Spoofs 10 Fashion Ads

Most of us would hesitate to invite comparisons between ourselves and supermodels — who, after all, are paid to look better than any mere mortal has the right to. But, French photographer Nathalie Croquet's new project Spoof does exactly that, with more-than-convincing results.
Having worked as a photo editor at Biba and Jean Paul Gaultier, Croquet's no stranger to the fashion world, and in Spoof she inserts herself front and center into ad campaigns — right where your Kate Mosses and Natalia Vodianovas usually reside. But, a mere Cindy Sherman-wannabe, she is not; Croquet's costumes and lighting achieve a remarkable similarity to her subject material, getting every detail from Mariacarla's tortoiseshell specs to the direct-flash brashness of Freja Beha Erichsen's Zadig & Voltaire ad just right.
Click ahead for our 10 favorite, and follow Spoof further on Croquet's Instagram.

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