Why We Wish This Calvin Klein Ad Wasn’t Such A Big Deal

In case you’re not familiar with the term “in-betweenie,” let Calvin Klein’s Perfect Fit ad campaign help you understand. In an industry that normally categorizes models as “straight-size” or “plus-size,” size-10 Myla Dalbesio doesn’t fall into either category. And, we think that’s awesome for promoting body diversity.
Following her appearance in the #aerie REAL campaign, the 5-foot-11 babe is the newest face to appear in CK’s famously sexy ads. And, much like other non-straight-size models who've garnered attention for their lingerie campaigns (think Ashley Graham for Lane Bryant), all eyes are now on Dalbesio. For instance, some people on Twitter are lambasting Elle.com for calling her "plus-size" in a tweet. (The mag's website made sure to diplomatically skirt the issue in its interview, saying Dalbesio is "what the fashion industry would — still, surprisingly — call 'plus size.'") While her measurements are larger than the average CK model's, she's certainly not big enough for that label. Which begs the question: Why label her at all?
But, it's important to note that CK itself never explicitly called Dalbesio plus-size. And, we think the iconic underwear line's lack of response to the controversy speaks volumes. When a major fashion influencer chooses to include a wider range of women it should be the norm, not the exception, and for CK to treat it as such is admirable.
“No one even batted an eye,” Dalbesio told Elle.com of the campaign shoot, referring to her initial nervousness to appear in the same skivvies as Lara Stone and Jourdan Dunn. While Dalbesio admitted that she was "intimidated" to be "bigger than all the girls [Calvin Klein] has ever worked with," we see her inclusion as a smart and necessary industry move that's well overdue.
We can hardly say we're blasé about the whole thing, either. In fact, we can only hope that more brands will begin to expand the range of women they choose to front their campaigns. Click over to see Dalbesio's Calvin shots, and watch below for the Today Show interview in which the young model is referred to as a "lightning rod" in the continued push for more body diversity in the fashion industry.

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