Why Aerie’s Unretouched Lingerie Photos Are So Important

At this point, we're so used to seeing models who are digitally nipped, tucked, and tanned to poreless perfection that we actually get a little bit alarmed when we see the stretch marks on our own thighs. (Thanks, unrealistic media portrayals of women!) Au naturel images are so rare, we even do crazy things like offer to pay $10,000 for celeb photos that aren't retouched. Well, no cash reward needed here. In its newest campaign, American Eagle's youth lingerie brand, Aerie, threw down the gauntlet and decided to feature totally unretouched models.
In an interview with ABC News, Aerie style and fit expert Jenny Altman explained, “We left everything: beauty marks, tattoos. It’s a selling point because our customers represent this great demographic, and they don’t get to see what girls their age really look like.” The brand also plans to enhance its website. Soon, when you search for a DD bra, you'll see an actual live DD-sized woman wearing it. Sort of sad that this feels so revolutionary, but anything that diversifies that headless, B-cup avatar common to most lingerie sites is okay in our book.
Of course, the models, photographed by John Urbano, are still absolutely gorgeous. But, we think it's downright heartwarming to see stretch marks, tummies, tats, and all on models who are usually the most idealized. Click on for all the images — it's about time.

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