This Is the Fashion Shoot Seinfeld Deserves

If you grew up watching Seinfeld, we know what you were doing last night: sinking into your couch, laughing out loud at the antics of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer, who have finally returned to Hulu. But, the editors at Vogue might have one-upped you, as they chose to celebrate the second coming of our favorite show about nothing in the best way they know how: with an ode to its fashion. Nope, we're not talking puffy shirts.
Photo: Steven Brahms/Courtesy of Vogue.
Elaine might have been the only woman in the comedic crew, but that's hardly why her style became a focal point throughout the show's nine seasons. Just take a look at this homage to her classic ensembles — the outfits that have shaped our memories of '90s fashion. There are dizzying florals, boxy and oversized blazers, cardigans, and relaxed-fit denim galore; Elaine made them popular before normcore was a thing. (Plus, her white-socks-and-black-loafers combination was so on-point, it would make Michael Jackson proud.) Set in a recreation of Jerry's apartment, the Vogue shoot stars Elliot Tebele (a.k.a. Fuck Jerry) alongside Romanian model Andreea Diaconu, who says she's a major fan of the show herself. And, it shows; Diaconu nails Elaine's neuroticism, expressions, and — thanks to current designers who might just be Seinfeld fans, too — her outfits. Click over to Vogue for the full GIF feature.
Photo: Steven Brahms/Courtesy of Vogue.

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