Hulu Re-creates Jerry’s Seinfeld Apartment In NYC

Everyone's favorite show about nothing is finally available to stream. To celebrate, Hulu recreated Jerry Seinfeld's iconic New York City apartment, right down to the Superman figurines. To paraphrase a Seinfeld character: It's real, and it's spectacular.
If you can't make it to NYC to tour the temporary installation (which is located at 451 W 14th Street), click on through for a virtual tour. The apartment features Jerry's numerous cereal options and the couches where the gang watched their favorite guilty pleasure, Melrose Place.
Unfortunately, Kramer won't be bursting through the door anytime soon (followed by an increasingly long round of applause from the live studio audience); nor will he and Newman be concocting any harebrained schemes to turn the kitchen into a sausage factory. That's probably for the best, though.
After you stop by Jerry's, you're probably going to want to get a bite. Coffee shop? See you at Monk's. Get a booth, though; the gang hates sitting at the counter.

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