Must Follow: An Insta Account Dedicated To Meet Cute Stories

Movies are littered with meet cute scenes — Hollywood jargon for the charming ways that on-screen duos find each other. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale reached for the same pair of gloves at a department store in Serendipity. Dakota Johnson interviewed Jamie Dornan for the college newspaper in Fifty Shades Of Grey. And who could forget how Hugh Grant spilled orange juice on Julia Roberts in Notting Hill? But the silver screen isn't the only place where couples come together in adorable ways — and a new Instagram account proves it.
Los Angeles-based actress and singer Brooklyn Sherman recently started The Way We Met, which profiles — you guessed it — couple and their meet cutes. From a couple who met during a bloody high school soccer incident to a real-life Starbucks lovers story, the Insta account is filled with heartwarming snippets of finding love. Click through to peek some of their stories. Get ready for more than a few awwws.