Tour L.A.’s $400-Million Scientology Campus (Just Don’t Go Inside!)

For Angelenos — especially those of us who live in Hollywood — Scientology isn't just a strange religion that lives on-screen in HBO's Going Clear doc. It's part of our very neighborhood. Just as the documentary showed, the organization's original headquarters are situated smack dab in the middle of our city, rising out of East Hollywood like a college campus. Drive by at the right time and you can even see groups of Scientologists dressed in white, walking in a single line between buildings.
This week, Business Insider satiated a little more of the Scientology curiosity itch. The site posted a comprehensive look at the campus, giving a close-up look at the buildings many of us see every day. As they explain, the massive property is more than a religious haven for some; it's also a real estate goldmine, worth more than $400 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Now, that's some pricey L.A. real estate!
Click through our slideshow for a peek at the sprawling campus, then head over to Business Insider for even more scoop.