Peek Inside The Priciest, Most Over-The-Top Homes In L.A.

We're no strangers to hyperbole. You may often catch us calling an outfit "perfect" or dubbing a recipe "insanely" good. But, when we say the multi-million-dollar homes we rounded up ahead are over-the-top amazing, we promise we're not exaggerating in the least. Everything about these on-the-market properties is utterly next level.
To wit: the price tags, which range from $12 million to a whopping $55 million. It's safe to say there are very few people who could afford to even set foot inside these homes. They're also, of course, quite impressive in size. A sprawling, 14,000-square-foot abode with 12 bathrooms? Sure, why not? Then, of course, there's location, location, location. From Bel Air and Beverly Hills to the Hollywood Hills and Malibu, these houses boast some of the most covetable zip codes around.
If you're curious how the other .001% lives, click through for a peek at L.A.'s real-life Fantasyland.

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