The Only Spring Nail Trends You Need

Having created nail looks for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, rag & bone, and nearly every other American runway under the sun, Jin Soon Choi is the ultimate fashion girl's manicurist. She's been a constant presence on the beauty scene for well over a decade — and, considering she's as personable as she is knowledgeable about her craft, it's not hard to see why.

The nail genius' latest venture? A collaboration between her eponymous nail-lacquer line, JINsoon, and designer Tamara Taichman of Tila March. The duo created five new colors for spring 2015, each one more gorgeous than the next. Eager to check out the new collection, we sat down with Choi in Los Angeles last night to talk all things nails. Read on to hear Choi's inspiration for the new hues, the inside scoop on working with Marc Jacobs, and why you might be seeing her name on more than nail-polish bottles soon.
What career achievement are you most proud of, and why?
"Probably my nail-polish brand. It’s the hardest thing, but it’s fulfilling that I’ve created something; I’ve created a brand. And, not just a brand, but colors, too. I can work with color, and I can be creative."

What are your top three favorite nail trends for spring this year?

"The first thing that comes to mind is negative-space nails. No doubt that will be a big trend. Also, a twist on white — not white-white. [Mine is] called doux, and it has a pinky tone in it, but it’s opaque. A lot of people who like nude colors would enjoy this kind of’s a cooler version of white. The other trend is brights. [This season,] they’re not just young, childish colors — it’s more modern-art, Matisse shades. So, every age group can enjoy a bright."
What's your favorite item in your cosmetic bag right now?
"I’m a very natural person [when it comes to makeup], but when I want to look a little bit better, I go for a brighter lipstick that’s not too heavy. I especially love the RMS lip2cheek in Beloved. I just put it on my lips; I don’t even do anything on the cheeks."
What's the biggest nail-care mistake people make?
"Cutting cuticles too much. Even if you get a manicure, in two or three days, it will peel off."
 What would you be if you weren't a manicurist?
"Actually, since I was young, I wanted to be a writer. I [would love to write about] people’s life stories — like The Good Earth or The Old Man and the Sea. [The stories are] so touching; you can see the person’s state of mind. That’s so intriguing to me. I want to write a novel in English about my mother’s life when I was young, and my sister when she came to this country. There’s a lot to talk about."
What's your most memorable Fashion Week moment?
"I have known Marc Jacobs for a long time — we've done Louis Vuitton campaigns and Marc Jacobs fragrance shoots — but [fall 2015] was the very first time I worked with him for his fashion show. It was incredible. Compared to European shows, New York shows are more commercial, but Marc Jacobs is more artistic. He was so funny with me, calling my name out with a microphone. I really enjoyed every single moment with him. He’s so clever, smart, funny — I just love him."
What career milestone would you like to achieve next?
"With my brand, I want to expand and have a full nail-care line. I would like to sell in Europe and go global. I want to make JINsoon the 'it' nail brand."
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