#TheDress Reaches Peak Internet With An Appearance On Ellen

Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
Just when you thought #TheDress was just a last week/end-of-February type of thing, it's back to plague all of us in the new month. We all knew this was coming, though. For every Internet meme, there is a turn on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and #TheDress is no different. Plus, it will clear up any lingering arguments between Taylor Swift and Mindy Kaling. This really is quite the age we're living in. Anything is possible, even an ill-lit photo of a dress garnering its owner the chance to appear on a major daytime talk show half a world away.  Cecilia Bleasdale, who hails from the small town of Preesall, Lancashire, England, appeared on Ellen wearing the now world-famous garment. Along for the ride were her daughter, Grace MacPhee, and Grace's new husband, Keir Johnston, who played a major role in the origin story of #TheDress. They even left their honeymoon early to appear on Ellen, but don't worry. Of course Ellen was nice enough to pay for them to go on another one. Anyway, the photo of the dress divided the family, and then it tore their small Scottish town apart. We imagine everyone standing in the town square yelling something like this. 
No one in town could reach a conclusion about the dress — even though some of them had actually seen it in person and knew it to be blue and black — so Caitlin McNeill (the third member of the Scottish entourage) decided to post the photo on Tumblr because "sometimes Tumblr's good for that kind of science-y stuff." I feel like that should be Tumblr's new tagline. Caitlin's scientific inquiry was all it took for a worldwide phenomenon to be born. What could possibly be next for the dress now that it's been on Ellen? I'm thinking a major motion picture, for sure. "The tale of one lycra garment that could divide families, nations, and the visible light spectrum. It's: The Dress. Blue and black? White and gold? Only Liam Neeson has the particular set of skills to find out — and his character is colorblind. In theaters, December 2015." Oh, and for what it's worth, the dress is blue and black. Don't believe us? Just watch.

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