Rich Dogs Of Instagram Is As Amazing As It Sounds

You may have been nauseated by Rich Kids of Instagram, but there's no way you can begrudge the fluffy subjects of Rich Dogs of Instagram.
The new Instagram account shows dogs who live quite literally in the lap of luxury.  They're on yachts. They're taking naps on a stack of cash. On most days, they're eating better than you are. Elite Daily writer Kaylin Pound created the pup series as a way of bridging the gap between lavish living and remembering what's really important. The answer, of course, is dogs.
"Seeing the monetary gap between the real-deal rich kids compared to all those balling on a budget really got me thinking about the relationship between money and happiness," Pound wrote on Elite Daily. She admits the Rich Kids of Instagram made life seem pretty great when it's draped in diamonds, but "seeing all of that frivolously spent money made me feel like I needed to do something to make the world a better place." Enter: rich dogs.
Pound told Refinery29 that there's a real lesson to be had here. "The Rich Dogs Of Instagram prove that rich kids aren't the only ones who know how to show off the finer things in life," she said. And, she's using her account for something good. "I'm teaming up with Posh Pets Rescue to help them spread the word about giving back to dogs that aren't as fortunate as The Rich Dogs Of IG," she said. Ahead, some of the luckiest pups on the planet.

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