30 Tumblrs To Perfect Your Procrastination

No where on the calendar does "Someday" appear. Sunday, yes, but "Someday," no. Yet, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, the majority of us unwittingly pencil it in.
Forbes' Amy Morin explains that we categorize priorities in a binary: present and future. The study revealed that participants were more likely to put off a task if the due date happened to be during the following week; future. Meanwhile, tasks due within the same week were treated with urgency; present. Essentially, anything we can delay, we will.
Now, while learning to break your to-dos into, as Morin writes, "manageable chunks" and "establish 'now' deadlines," it's inevitable you're going to fight against your own willpower. Some might turn to a cool new book, others might go for a jog, while some sleep. But, if you're one who picks up the phone every time the Internet calls, you know the dangers of its black holes.
Instead, turn to these 30 single-serve Tumblrs to pass the time. Because if you're going to put off your deadlines, dates, and domestic duties, you might as well do it right. Right? Right. You'll explore other parts of the Internet someday.

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