Kim Kardashian Is Now Copping Kylie’s Style

The Kardashian-Jenners are notoriously adept at making gym gear look paparazzi-ready. This week, a mere 48 hours after Kylie Jenner was photographed wearing leggings and a leather jacket to lunch, big sis Kim was snapped in basically the exact same outfit. Who’s the copycat now?
Yesterday, she grabbed lunch with a pal in Beverly Hills in yoga pants and Nikes, topped with a moto that looked so much like Kylie’s it might actually have been. It’s a decidedly low-key getup for Kim, who's known to change into Givenchy stilettos and body-con Balmain before stepping out in public. But, the laid-back outfit, elevated with a few luxe accessories, is just as flattering — if not more so — as one of her Hervé Léger dresses of yore. Maybe she should dress down more often. Get your minds out of the gutter — we don’t mean it like that.
Ahead, cop Kim's style for yourself.