This Is How Kendall Jenner Wears High-Tops

Photo: Pierre Suu/Getty Images.
After making her major haute couture debut last season, Kendall Jenner was among the models at Chanel again yesterday, and she celebrated another successful spin down the runway by — how else? — taking her fashion show straight to the streets of Paris. 

Within minutes, Jenner had swapped one luxury label for another, returning to her hotel all decked out in Saint Laurent. She topped a sleek off-white Babaton for Aritzia turtleneck (now sold out) with a fur vest and leather jacket from the storied French label, and ditched her usual stilettos for high-tops by the same brand. Going for a menswear vibe, she took a break from her standby leather leggings and tried a pair of pleated trousers on for size. As you can see, they totally fit.

It’s a different look for Jenner — while Kylie’s been known to embrace streetwear, most of the Kardashian and Jenner women stick to more overtly feminine cuts. We totally support this sis trying new things. Besides, with a jacket like that, you really can’t go wrong. Grab one of your own, and pieces to copy KJ's whole outfit, just ahead. 

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