Reformation Launches Lower-Priced Line, We Freak Out

We all have our way of coping with the cold. Some hide their misery under layers of knits. Others let their minds spring forward to sunny skies and longer days, counting down the months until it's time to break out the maxi-skirts and sleeveless dresses once more. This latest launch from The Reformation is going to have us all squarely in the latter camp. 
No one does breezy spring wear quite like the Reformation, and something about saving up for one of the brand's fluttery dresses makes twirling around in it even more satisfying. Of course, getting a great deal inspires some happy feet, too, which is why today's announcement of Ref's first ever lower priced line has us all bouncy. The line is called Obvious — and obviously we're excited about it. 
For context, Reformation's dresses retail between $138 and $268. The Obvious Collection, which includes T-shirts, skirts, dresses, and outerwear, caps off at $178 (a short, faux-shearling coat, available in three colors). This new, more affordable line boasts the same flowy hemlines, flirty silhouettes, and retro inspiration you know and love, now at a sweeter price point. And you can check out all the goods, in all their reasonably priced glory, just ahead. See, you already forgot about that blizzard, didn't you? 
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