Leave It To Rihanna To Make A Baggy Knit Look Sleek

After spending a week straight wearing nothing more than bikinis, Rihanna left sunny Barbados for the sub-zero temperatures of New York City. (As someone whose fingers are nearly too frozen to type, this was a bewildering move on Rihanna's part. Hey, we all make mistakes.)
For her reentry into winter weather, she bundled up — well, kind of — in an oversized chunky knit by Chalayan. Despite the sweater's size (notably cumbersome) and shape (or lack thereof), she managed to make it look straight-up sleek. Granted, we're talking about a woman who can make anything — including, but not limited to, flip phones , gray hair, and Timberlands — look good. But, still. It's an impressive and exceedingly copycat-worthy move.
As usual, the secret lies in how she wore it. Delicate necklaces added a feminine wink to the cozy top, and super skinny jeans created a balanced silhouette. But, it was the strappy Manolo Blahnik sandals that really made it memorable. We just wouldn't suggest this move if it's completely frigid out there, though. Unless, of course, you have an SUV with heated seats waiting in the wings, like RiRi surely does.