This Store Will Cure Your Art Basel FOMO

Miami's Art Basel is this weekend, which means some serious FOMO for most of us — or, does it? The art world's favorite designer, Jasmin Shokrian, has set up shop (temporarily) at MOCA, filling the snug space with a highly curated selection of cool.
From the beyond-chic aesthetic of the pale pink space to the perfect balance of fashionable art and art-inspired fashion, it's hard to believe the dreamy pop-up is actually Shokrian's first-ever venture into physical retail. In addition to highlighting her sleek winter '14 collection, dubbed Caspian Caviar, the designer also features a selection of items she designed exclusively for MOCA (hello, cool new iPhone case), stunning little gold sculptures by artist Ramsey Conder, and a one-of-a-kind necklace by Annie Costello Brown. Oh, and you'll also find a range of Shokrian's wildly popular "Je Pars Habiter à Los Angeles" merch. But, rather than us dropping anymore hints, go ahead and click through to see (and shop!) our favorite items from the pop-up, and be sure to swing by to peruse the goods in person. Art Basel, what?
Open now through December 15 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, 250 South Grand Avenue; 213-626-6222.