The 10 Hottest Travel Spots In The World, According To Instagram

These days, Instagramming while you're on vacation is practically a second job. As much as you love being in the moment, it's gratifying to see those orange notification bubbles pop up for the travel diary you so painstakingly put together. And, with our increasing need to present a well-curated virtual vacation, geotagging has become an important step of the photo sharing process. Nothing says, "Yep, I'm really at this awesome place!" better than a check in.
While the location function is a great tool for discovering new restaurants or cafes for your future itinerary, the most tagged places are still what you'd expect: Historic monuments and famous landmarks, running the gamut from stadiums to museums. (Yankee Stadium? Check! The Louvre? Check!) Even so, it's still interesting to scroll through the numerous uploads, as they offer a diverse range of POVs from very different users. Read on as we count down Instagram's 10 most checked-in destinations around the world, pulled from the app's internal data. If you're a proponent of the "pictures or it didn't happen" mentality, you're not the only one.

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