It’s Finally Here! Go Inside Nasty Gal’s New Store

You heard the rumors. You freaked out when we told you they were true. And, now the day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. Yup, that's right: As of today, Nasty Gal's first brick-and-mortar store is officially open for business on Melrose.
The store is a whopping 2,500 square feet and is filled to the brim with a mix of vintage pieces and the brand's own line, along with a curated mix of on-brand designers. The most incredible thing about the space is how precisely it managed to capture the brand's real aesthetic — which, for most of us, didn't previously exist beyond the digital vortex/our dreams. And, more importantly, now we can try things on before buying!
Okay, it's time — check out all the photos of the Nasty Girl store ahead.
Nasty Gal, 8115 Melrose Avenue (between North Kilkea Drive and North Crescent Heights Boulevard); 323-658-1010.