This Cool Road Trip Will Inspire You To Travel Differently

Every now and then, we come across something on the Internet that inspires us to drop everything and go see the world. These catalysts usually come in the form of awesome YouTube montages or Instagrams with beautiful aerial views. But, the most recent trip that gave us the travel bug is bumpier — and more romantic — than usual.
A month after they started dating, San Francisco natives Dylan Ozanich and Natalie James decided to pack up and journey across Southeast Asia together. The couple purchased a semi-functioning red motorbike in hopes of saving on transportation costs from Vietnam to Singapore. With a handheld camera, they documented their 1,118 mile-ride from Hoi An, Vietnam to Cambodia — through sunshine, thunderstorms, and bustling streets. At the end of their expedition, they generously gifted the $280 bike to a very grateful coconut merchant.
As someone who practically grew up on the back of her father's scooter in East Asia, I can attest to the many sensory benefits of traveling on a motorcycle. It brings a completely different perspective to the sightseeing experience. You feel more in tune with your surroundings — from the breeze that seeps through your hair to the rain that pelts your back — than when you're sequestered away in a car. On a motorcycle, the vehicle becomes an extension of your body.
If this kind of road trip seems a tad too exhausting or risky, take a look at the lovebirds' video — and their online journal — to take the tour vicariously. Warning: You might be tempted to hit up a scooter rental sometime soon.

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