21 Epic Costumes From The Village Halloween Parade

Last night's 41st annual Village Halloween Parade (led by Grand Marshal Whoopi Goldberg) was next level. Thousands of costume-clad marchers and spectators swarmed downtown Manhattan. Even Beyoncé was there, watching the festivities from Charlie Bird with Jay Z and little Blue Ivy. And, the costumes were just as epic as the turnout. There were the classics (a skeleton, a pirate). The culturally-inspired (Margot Tenenbaum). And, the ironic (a hipster queen). We're pretty damn good when it comes to throwing together a memorable look, but some of these people are professionals.
Sure, Halloween may have come and gone, but we're going to be looking at these snaps for a while. Consider this inspiration for next year's costume, because, hey: It's never too early to start planning ahead.