Karl Lagerfeld Wants To Make Feminism More “Lighthearted”



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Chanel runway shows never shy away from making a statement. But, many in the industry — ourselves included — couldn't quite figure out what statement was intended with the faux-feminist rally held last month in Paris. Between Cara Delevingne and Gisele hollering into Chanel megaphones and the "Be Your Own Stylist" signs, many were left befuddled.
But, worry not: Uncle Karl is here to explain his motives for the show, and, as usual, they're a combination of inspiring and maddening. Lagerfeld told Fashionista, "I like the idea of feminism being something lighthearted, not a truck driver for the feminist movement." Yikes.
That baffling statement aside, Lagerfeld also said the presentation was inspired by strong women from his past and present. "My mother was very much a feminist and I thought it was something right for the moment," he explained.
We're glad Karl's feminist statement at least seems to stem from a sincere place. Even if we firmly believe feminism is for all women — models and truck drivers alike. (Fashionista)

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