Why You Won’t See This Chanel Bagel Bag On The Runway

Update: While most of us will have to wait five more days for our next indulgent brunch, a carb-loaded feast for the eyes is much closer than that. Chloe Wise, the artist whose Chanel bagel bag caught our attention last fall, has been on a roll (yeah, we went there) with her bread-meets-handbag art pieces and has shared more of her work with us in the slides ahead.
There are generously buttered and syrup-covered pancakes, toast with every type of jam, and a cheesy melt — it's your hangover cravings made wearable. Click on to see them all.
Originally published on October 15, 2014.
We’re fairly certain there must have been rapid-fire Googling for “bagel bag” among Chanel's most devoted fans the moment actress India Menuez arrived at the Chanel No. 5 soirée on Monday night wearing the delicious design. After all, for anyone who remembers the Lagerfeld-designed hula-hoop, gas-can, or chopped-meat handbags, a bagel version didn’t seem like such a stretch for the fashion house. Sadly, the sesame-seeded style won't be seen on the runway or in any e-boutique — it's actually the cheeky creation of artist Chloe Wise, and there are many more carbs where it came from.
The New York artist first entered the luxury-meets-baked-goods territory with her take on a Louis Vuitton baguette bag, a name that certainly lends itself to edible interpretation. The Chanel bagel and Prada challah soon followed. "Bread is a symbol for status and wealth (think ‘the breadwinner’ or the use of the term ‘dough’)," Wise told us, "and these It bags connoted status in the early 2000s — which was the bat mitzvah era of my life (very important for a coming-of-age Jewess!).”
Citing the Prada rucksack's heyday in the early aughts, Chloe also notes that "these bags would have represented luxury, status, and would have afforded their owner instant popularity. I wanted to mirror the parallel of the importance of commodity in the art world." Wise has also supplemented her faux food items with coordinating campaigns touting slogans such as "Ain't No Challah Back(pack) Girl," alongside spokesmodel Ashley Smith.
Chloe will be compiling her collection into a book to be released next month. But, she gave us a first look at the not-so-edible (but still very satisfying) treats. Keep reading for a shmear of the good stuff.

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