How Fashion Girls Made Varsity Stripes A Thing

For the same reason we own multiple pairs of jeans — we wear them with everything — we have double or triple that number of striped tees and sweaters. What can we say? A good horizontal or vertical-lined knit is pretty tough to pass on (and they're a year-round staple, to boot). Though, this fall, not all stripes are created equal. Instead of your tried-and-true Breton and bateau styles, the varsity is fashion's stripe du jour.
Just ask Alexa Chung. At London Fashion Week, she sported a quirky Bella Freud jumper that added an athletic feel to her prim Mark Cross handbag, gray miniskirt, and strappy heels. To help you do the same, we rounded up 11 sporty knits and sweats in the slideshow for you to shop. After all, you don't need to be on a team to be a team player.