Why We Want This Actress To Be Our New Best Friend

A decade ago, if you'd asked Young & Hungry star Aimee Carrero where she would be today, her answer would have been very different. We're talking courthouse different. That's right, after graduating two years early from college and rocking the LSAT, the now in-demand actress wanted to be a lawyer. But, before she could start filling out law school applications, she hopped on a plane to Los Angeles. Suddenly, her original plans were put on a temporary hiatus.
Fast-forward to present day, and the Miami-bred Carrero has quickly become one of television's most promising new talents. Whether you watched her as Lucia, the Nicaraguan freedom fighter featured in the second season of FX's The Americans or caught the first season of her ABC Family sitcom (which was just picked up for Season 2!), it's impossible to deny she has major acting chops. It's also really hard to imagine her spending her days arguing in court instead of making us totally fall for her on-screen.
Ahead, we catch up with Carrero and discuss where she stands on the great Eastside vs. Westside debate, why she never thought she'd end up on a sitcom, and which celebrity she wouldn't mind getting lost in a wine cellar with.
Photographed by Brigitte Sire; Hair by Bobby Eliot; Makeup by Toby Fleischman; Styling by Rachel Besser.