Huge Congrats To Chelsea Clinton On This Awesome New Project

Chelsea Clinton's Twitter bio rattles off a range of identifiers: wife; daughter; Vice-Chair and champion of all things Bill, Hillary and Chelsea as well as all things @ClintonFdn and @ClintonHealth; New Yorker; and mom to Soren (her terrier). And, that's hardly everything that's on her résumé. But, today, she's officially adding fashion collaborator to that already impressive list.
Teaming up with maker-driven online-shopping spot BRIKA, Clinton's helping to launch a #SaveElephants collection, with 10% of all proceeds going to organizations working to save the African elephants, a cause that's near and dear to Clinton's heart.
Jen Lee Koss, cofounder of BRIKA, first met Clinton when they were roommates at Oxford, and they've been close friends ever since. Once Clinton approached the entrepreneur with her idea to do something to raise awareness and money to stop the poaching and trafficking of ivory, things moved along pretty quickly.
"We immediately thought of the artisans who would be right for this, and we also intuitively knew that they would be really inspired by the cause. We felt like the opportunity was so unique, and that many of them would get really creative in thinking about what to make!" Koss said.
The goods are pretty good lookin', and the prices range from $16 to $1,200, so there's legitimately something for everyone here. And, you can feel good about supporting local makers as well as a really important cause.
Clinton sat down with us for an exclusive Q&A to talk about why this cause matters, but first and foremost, she has an important reminder about the power every female shopper holds.
"Women control two-thirds of the spending in the U.S. That’s remarkable power that we have. The products that we buy for our homes and lives should hopefully make us feel beautiful and make us feel good, but also be products that express our values. So, I would just hope that for the readers, that’s something that we all think about. It would be hard to think about that in every purchase at the drugstore, but in particular things for our home or things our children will see, or things we give as gifts," said Clinton.
As far as the pieces in the line that Clinton will be buying up first: "We’re very baby-oriented right now, so we’ll definitely be buying a felt elephant or two. I think those will look great in our nursery. And, it’s safe to say that as last year, this year too, a lot of our friends will be getting elephant-themed Christmas presents."
And, of course, we had to hit Clinton up for one quick styling trick she relies on to look and feel good. But, timing is everything, as she points out:
"You’re asking someone who is very pregnant. In the here and now, [I wear] anything that fits over my belly. Increasingly, that's my husband's T-shirts or button-down shirts. So, the honest answer in the here and now is a different answer than it would be had you asked me a few months ago, or ask me again in nine months. But, for right now, it’s really my husband's shirts, because they're the only things that fit me." Fair enough.
Click ahead for our enlightening Q&A with Chelsea Clinton — as well as a look at the entire BRIKA #SaveElephants collection.

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