More Burning Man Pics Because It Looked So Damn Magical

For those of us who've never been (myself included), Burning Man seems to boast a weird, trippy-meets-childlike quality, like watching Alice In Wonderland or Fantasia for the first time. We don't know what's going on, and it's a little scary — but there's something in us that wants to see more, at least from a distance. Which is why it's great to have braver than thou friends like L.A.-based handbag designer Nikki Erwin.
Swapping her leather Donatienne bags for a Jansport instead, the blonde babe, along with a slew of friends, hit the dust for the first time. And, lucky for us, Erwin reported back with unexpected details and insanely beautiful photos taken by her close friend, Lukas Haas.
Click ahead and see for yourself — and then let us know if you've got the guts to come try it out with us next year.