15 Burning Man Instagrams That Prove FOMO Is Very, Very Real

For one week every year, thousands flock to the Black Rock Desert in Gerlach, Nevada, to intentionally cut themselves off from the real world. Together, these burners join forces to celebrate art, music, and community under the guise of Burning Man.
It's a festival that's not for the faint of heart or anyone with commitment issues. Black Rock City is created and then destroyed in flame as the week draws to a close. Burners are instructed to leave no trace behind, meaning everything they bring must leave with them. Giant wooden and metal structures rise out of the desert to create an environment reminiscent of some science fiction movie; sublime and unimaginable.
This year's festival draws to a close on September 1, but images from inside Black Rock City have emerged that will be a FOMO-person's best friend and worst enemy. Between the dystopian landscape and surreal architecture, these 15 Instagrams are enough to make one believe that you actually dropped all the cash and unplugged for a week in the desert.
The only benefit of living vicariously? Remaining dust- and sand-free. We can't say the same for the actual Burners.
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Photo: via @alexhide.
Hold on, this is real? Yep.
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Photo: via @studiogoss.
Nope, this isn't some scene from Area 51. That is Black Rock City, home of Burning Man.
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Photo: via @bee_collins.
You know, sometimes a regular 'ol boombox just doesn't do the trick.
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Photo: via @missjessrose.
Look up the word "majestic" in the dictionary and you'll find this image.
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Photo: via @anyapechko.
An art car or a car pretending to be art?
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Photo: via @collectivedf.
A sensible bed that personifies the whole "this is where the magic happens" mentality.
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Photo: via @paulcnyc.
I want to believe.
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Photo: via @wikilove.
How very Mad Max.
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Photo: via @soleil_395.
Burning Man is something straight outta Star Wars.
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Photo: via @ka5ch.
Coachella's astronaut is looking pretty bleak right now.
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Photo: via @litlyellowbird.
Well, that's one way to shoot for the moon.
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Photo: via @tarajudelle.
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Photo: via @missjessrose.
Yep, definitely Tatooine.
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Photo: via @lafrancabianca.
Oh, nothing, just casually riding a bike through the sublime.
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Photo: via @jlandver.
Holy FOMO.

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