Phone-Charging Bracelets Are Now A Thing — What’s Next?

huffpost-embedPhoto: Courtesy of Q Designs.
One of the most beautiful spawn born from the union of fashion and technology is probably the wearable charging device. Gone is that feeling of despair when your gadget power dwindles at the worst possible timing, and you're without a charger — there are now handbags and clutches to provide some much-needed first aid.
The latest gizmo to join this lifesaving category is the QBracelet, which is now available for pre-order at $79 a pop. The metallic accessory doubles as a charger, providing 60% more juice to your smartphone. With its sleek minimalist design, the ultralight product looks every bit as polished as the rest of our jewelry collection.
This rad invention got us thinking: Could any other parts of our wardrobe be re-imagined as battery revivers? Our friends over at HuffPost Style seem to have it all figured out: They have rounded up a list of everyday objects that would make for brilliant charging contraptions. Head over for their creative ideas, and dream about a time when finding an outlet will no longer be a matter of life and (phone) death. (HuffPost Style)

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