The Dude Fashion Trend You Cannot Unsee

Anyone who finds women's fashion formulaic should take a look at what men are wearing. Maybe it's some dudely version of the Vulcan mind meld, but fellas often seem to decide, en masse, to all wear the exact same thing for a year. And then, they switch (if they're fancy). Last year, it was the yacht-club-wannabe boat shoe. This year, it's this navy blue. J.Crew gingham shirt. And, it's like the first time you figure out who Steve Buscemi is — once you've noticed it, you'll see it everywhere.
Of course, we have to give credit to the Instagram that brought this phenomenon to our attention: the helpfully titled That J.Crew Gingham Shirt. It's dedicated to chronicling each and every appearance that shirt makes, wherever, and on whomever it may pop up. It's kind of like Humans Of New York, only for a shirt you're super sick of seeing on your guy friends.
Click ahead for proof that you're not hallucinating clones — it's just yet another man in gingham. (The Cut)

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