Chrissy Teigen Threw Out The First Pitch…Tipsy

Pag_914781_692325960857977_1478054253_nPhoto: Courtesy of Instagram.
In today’s world of constant communication and unfiltered news, more and more celebrities are opting to play it safe — keeping any clues of their actual, non-rehearsed persona to a minimum. Which is exactly why we really appreciate Chrissy Teigen: for so often being, well, herself.
The model and Mrs. John Legend often uses her social media outlets to make fun of her cooking skills (while joking about naming her future child Béchamel), speaks openly about being fired from a massive brand’s campaign for being “overweight,” and, just two days ago, right before throwing the first pitch at Dodger Stadium, admitted to being “pretty drunk.” Which, as it turns out, she didn't even need to preemptively share, seeing as she ended up throwing a damn good pitch. Oh well, we're certainly not judging Teigen for reaching for some liquid courage — that is, so long as she Uber-ed home afterward. (New York Post)

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