Nicole Richie Confirms Her Matchmaker Status

rexusa_2139357bPhoto: Rex USA.
Double dates don't get much cooler than Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz, and the Madden brothers. Richie told Watch What Happens Live that the foursome have gone out together, and she did introduce Cameron to her brother-in-law Benji. "I'm going to take responsibility for everything," she told the show, confirming that she did indeed play matchmaker for the pair.
Richie also said that she approves "of anything that's going to make Benji happy." And, she doesn't take the whole in-law thing lightly. "I am a devoted sister-in-law. I'm happy for anyone who is happy, and I want everyone to be surrounded with love." Awww.
Sounds like Benji hit that jackpot when it comes to a supportive family. As for Cameron? We have a feeling she should watch her back if the relationship ever turns sour — hell hath no fury like a devoted in-law scorned. (Hello Magazine)