The Boobkini Will Revolutionize Nudity, Society

If there's any justice in this world, you'll be spending this July 4th lounging beach- or poolside with a watery domestic beer in one hand, sparkler and/or bomb pop in the other. If the temps are really soaring, and you're the daring type, you may even wish you could exercise your right to go topless — without causing a whole lot of prudish side-eye, that is. After all, men (and all of Europe) go bare-chested at the beach, and society hasn't totally crumbled, yet. And, it's hot, dammit!
If you've ever spent a sweltering day pondering this double standard, then it's time for you to meet the swimwear that sends all that up: The Tata Top.
Invented by Chicago women Michelle Lytle and Robyn Graves, the Tata Top is a bikini top available in a variety of skin tones (although sadly, the medium and dark-toned tops are currently backordered until August), with nipples screen-printed on. The trompe l'oeil effect is startlingly real and sure to cause a ruckus — or, who knows, maybe a healthy discussion about those sexist double standards (feminist debate goes great with BBQ!).
The Tata Top retails for $28, and Lytle and Graves have pledged to give $5 from each sale to the Lynn Sage Foundation, a Chicago-based breast cancer charity, so there's really no reason for you to not buy one for yourself, your best friend the #FreeTheNipple activist, and for the discreet nudist in your life. What better way to celebrate freedom and maybe freak out some squares, too?
Click ahead to see the delightfully real-looking Tata Top in action (pseudo-NSFW, of course).

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