Narcissister: The Anonymous Artist Freeing Nipples In NYC (NSFW)

New York's most promising social activist has two breasts, but no face. NYC artist Narcissister, a 39-year-old anonymous woman, has joined the #FreeTheNipple campaign. A performance artist for women's rights, Narcissister wears a Barbie-doll-like mask in her work. Her latest exhibit is a series of videos and images of topless women around NYC, who are all wearing her now-iconic mask.
Though women can legally be topless in the five boroughs, there's a gray area of the law, which Allen Henson tested at both the Empire State Building and Grand Central Station. "There's this idea that women's bodies are fundamentally sexual and consequently inappropriate to be seen in the public arena," Narcissister told the Metro, explaining that this project is about "women enjoying a broader experience with their bodies and in their bodies the way that men do."
The artist's images will be on display at the Rockaway! Arts Festival from June 29 through September 1 at Fort Tilden. But, you probably won't need to travel outside Manhattan to see the growing movement she's started. Indeed, a mass movement is exactly what she had in mind. "This project adopts the gesture of baring our breasts in public as one exercise of freedom in a larger humanist project. Women exercising their right to legally bare their breasts in the streets is a symbolic act of physical freedom intended to inspire others to exercise freedom in all forms," she explained to us. As such, the news outlet is calling her the "queer feminist superhero New York always needed." She's putting into action what celebrities merely tweet about. It's funny that the face of the #FreeTheNipple campaign is one we may never actually see. Click through for the (NSFW) images.