The Newest Denim Trend Isn’t Actually Denim At All…

During a season in which plain jeans without any sort of bells and whistles are a minority on the racks, the stakes are incredibly high in the denim arena. Creating a new trend that doesn't feel like a cheap gimmick is nearly an insurmountable achievement. So, would it be hyperbolic to say that Preen Line did the impossible?
Check this — its collection of denim shirts, dresses, and pants aren't actually made with denim at all. Images of jeans are printed on a lightweight georgette, making your past choice for summer denim, lightweight chambray, feel about as airy as a wool tarp.
There might be something in the water; rag & bone's Miramar jeans employ the same technique. And, with another Junya Watanabe printed-on pant, that makes three — which is a trend! Click through to see the trompe l'oeil magic for yourself.